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IDC Healthcare (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

IDC Healthcare (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary wholly-owned by Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd in Asia-Pacific. It is responsible for the sales and services of the whole IDC product series in the Asian-Pacific market and the establishment and management of product sales channels in Asian-Pacific area and dedicated to provide high quality products meeting the market demand and first-class service solutions to China's medical institutions at all levels.

Since its foundation in 1995, IDC has gradually introduced the globally leading digital X-ray imaging technology into China, set up business cooperation with dozens of domestic medical equipment agents in Chinese Mainland, built the strategy of "Chinese localization", actively participated in the construction, improvement and enhancement of China's vigorously developing medical and health industries relying on its superior medical equipment and highly cost-effective services to provide the most comprehensive medical digital X-ray equipment for medical institutions in all provinces, cities and counties, at different levels and in various scales. IDC will grasp the chance in China's construction boom of "Intelligent city and intelligent medical care" and try to implement the integrated medical service solutions including sales of medical equipment, providing better service for the Chinese market and contributing to the expansion of IDC's global businesses.

Currently, IDC (Beijing) has an agent structure as follows: Provincial agent, prefectural and municipal agent and small regional agent. Agents in various regions significantly differ from each other, so each layer of agents is only responsible for selection of and negotiation with the next layer of agents and each layer is responsible for the setup of product installation and service system in its own region. If you are familiar with the local market and willing to join us and have relatively strong ability in market development and operation, please contact IDC Healthcare (Beijing) Co., Ltd. for more details. Direct Consultation hotline: +86 400-997-1186 

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