Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd.

Innovation is very important to IDC. It has been the driving force and an important element to IDC’s success. Rapid development and brilliant achievements have carried these scientific and technological innovations. The award winning product line began with the Xplorer 1500 upright DR system and the medical industry began to implement the efficient technology within its institutions. The Xplorer 1700 series was installed in the St. Elizabeth Medical Center of Boston, USA and in the Prince George Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. IDC’s Xplorer 1600 U-arm motorized unit has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan and awarded the “Medical Imaging Product of the Year Award” for three consecutive years within the North American Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Top 50 from 2006 to 2008.

Our innovative product line results from attention to innovation, product revision to meet the needs of the market and a continued ability to maintain unparalleled competition with other digital imaging industry leaders. Proven success of the CCD and Flat Panel TFT detector have encouraged new proprietary advancements with technologies such as photon detector applications, 3D printing and isolated radiation treatments for Oncology.

To enhance the accuracy of diagnosis, IDC will continue to invest in the field of digital X-ray imaging. Examples of technological advances exclusive to IDC, are listed below:

• Scintillator 3D printing technology: By using 3D printing technology to manufacture the scintillator, the quantum conversion efficiency (DQE) and modular transfer function (MTF) is improved which allows for a lower X-ray dose and produces a clearer image.

• In order to achieve the detection of a very weak target signal, IDC is developing a variation of automatic spectrum function imaging and TOMO function imaging, which results in a high-quality position resolution, thereby allowing for lower doses of radiation to be utilized.

• Linear accelerator radiation therapy for Oncology: To prevent unnecessary skin and tissue damage when treating cancerous abnormalities, isolated radiation therapy via energy regulation will provide a more favorable result.

With 20 years of experience as a leader in the digital medical imaging field, IDC is poised with unmatched technological expertise to dictate the advancement of digital radiography once again.

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