Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd.

As the law of universal gravitation was discovered by Newton from the apple falling to the ground and the steam engine was invented by Watt from boiling water, IDC has revolutionized medical imaging diagnosis by providing a stable digital image of the highest quality from a place of “love”.

To explain, it was love that encouraged Mr. Robin Winsor, a founding father of IDC, to design a digital imaging system that would reduce the amount of time it took to display an image as well as the environmental footprint. Winsor’s wife, Elaine, was a Veterinarian who relied on X-ray images to appropriately diagnose her patients’ quickly. To assist her with a timely diagnosis, Winsor developed the digital imaging technology with inspiration from digital satellite images, a technology that is also used by NASA in the Hubble Telescope and in digital cameras. Winsor’s invention enabled X-ray images to be produced within seconds instead of minutes with the use of CCD technology.

With 20 years of experience as a leader in the digital medical imaging field, IDC is poised with unmatched technological expertise to dictate the advancement of digital radiography once again.

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